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Daily Features

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

New Castle County’s Original Brewpub


Seafood Chowder   Cup  $4  Bowl  $6

Crispy Green Beans   Bayou sauce   $7

Pork Potstickers   Ponzu sauce   $8

Beer Battered Zucchini Nuggets    Pomodoro sauce    $8


Southern Fried Catfish Basket

Crispy fillets – fries – coleslaw – Bayou sauce    $14

BLT Flatbread

Toasted Naan bread – cobb smoked bacon – Monterey jack cheese – chopped lettuce & tomato –

ranch drizzle – sour cream & onion chips   $13

Cheesesteak Fry Bowl

House fries – chopped Philly style steak – cheddar jack cheese – fried onions   $15

Wild Game Burger

Seasoned Venison patty – lettuce – tomato – raw onion – brioche bun – fries   $16


Ice Cream made with our Stout!

Chocolate Stout or Cappuccino Crunch Stout ice cream from Woodside Creamery   $6

also featuring Vanilla Ice Cream   $5


Limoncello Cake   Raspberry sauce – whipped cream    $7

Pumpkin Cheesecake   Caramel sauce – whipped cream    $7

Twin Traditional Chocolate Chip Cannolis  Whipped cream    $7

Pumpkin Spiced Baileys   Drink it on the rocks or with coffee; throw it over some ice cream!



* Today’s pasta salad is elbow macaroni with veggies & Italian dressing *

** Today’s vegetable is teriyaki stir-fry blend **

*** Today’s potato selection is mashed potatoes ***